Il Giornale dell’Etica Buddhista – Scritti

Oggi vorremmo consigliarvi alcuni scritti – in inglese – dal sito del Journal Of Buddhist Ethic.


Shakespeare, Buddha, and King Lear (2007)
Melvin Sterne,
Department of English,
Florida State University

Buddhism and Death: The Brain-Centered Criteria (2005)
By John-Anderson L. Meyer,
University of Hawai’i

Can Killing a Living Being Ever Be an Act of Compassion? The analysis of the act of killing in the Abhidhamma and Pali Commentaries (2004)
By Rupert Gethin,
Centre for Buddhist Studies,
Department of Theology and Religious Studies,
University of Bristol

Attitudes to Euthanasia in the Vinaya and Commentary (1999)
By Damien Keown, Goldsmiths College, University of London

Abortion, Ambiguity, and Exorcism (1998 )
By E. Dale Saunders Professor of Japanese Studies
Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Religious Studies
University of Pennsylvania

The Early Buddhist Tradition and Ecological Ethics (1997)
By Lambert Schmithausen

Buddhism and Suicide: The Case of Channa (1996)
By Damien Keown
University of London, Goldsmiths

Buddhism and the Morality of Abortion (1995 )
By Michael G. Barnhart
Kingsborough, CUNY

Judeo-Christian and Buddhist Justice (1995)
By Winston King
Professor Emeritus,
Vanderbilt University


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